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Frequently Asked Questions

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Westchester United F.C.

Please see below for a number of answers to frequently asked questions.

Who is Westchester United F.C.?

Westchester United F.C. is a premier youth soccer club operating in Westchester County, NY.  We are dedicated to developing well-rounded technical & tactical players in an environment that is: Competitive, Safe, Nurturing, Professional, Promotes Sportsmanship & Respect and that is Affordable for All.

What are you doing to ensure that player development is kept as the number one priority?

As a youth soccer club, developing children as both players and people is our primary goal.  Westchester United F.C. is staffed by quality coaches whose priorities align with those of the club, namely age-appropriate skill development alongside learning the important life lessons that being part of a sports team can provide.  Our coaches understand their role within the entire club development structure (i.e., the skills a U9 player must learn and master with the end goal of reaching the players potential at U18, not necessarily winning games at U9) and also their role as mentors in helping our children learn the skills and values required to be successful and valuable people.  Over the next couple of weeks, you will see documents published on our website that outline our commitment to these goals.

What are you doing to ensure that coach development is kept as a high priority?

Our Coaches are our most important asset as they are the people with direct influence over our young players.  At Westchester United F.C., we are actively working to provide a staff of the highest quality, both as coaches and also as leaders of young people.   Beyond that, we have initiated several programs to help these coaches develop themselves.  For less experienced and younger coaches, we have provided a system that allows them to use their knowledge of the game to help players while being mentored in the areas of practice development, team management and parent interaction by more experienced coaches.  Our Youth Academy set up (see below) is one of these initiatives.  Additionally, we will employ a less experienced coach as an assistant coach with each of our older teams in order to provide a stronger learning environment for our players but also to help develop the coach in the philosophy of Westchester United F.C.

What is the Youth Development Academy?

The Youth Development Academy is a system that allows for the maximum development of younger players.  All of our U9 and U10 teams will train as a group within their age and gender, i.e. all U9 girls teams will train together.  The training's will be designed and led by the Youth Academy Director, a highly experienced youth development coach.  Each team will have a coach whose roll within the session is to work with the individual players.  These systems leads to significantly more 1 on 1 coaching time than the traditional method of having a single coach trying to keep all the players on track, run the session and then do some individual coaching wherever possible.  This system also allows less experienced coaches the opportunity to learn under the Youth Academy Director and to begin to take more responsibility for designing and running sessions as they develop.





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