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Parent Code of Conduct

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  •  Please arrive no sooner than 10-minutes before Practice Sessions Or 45 minutes before Games
  • Players must wait in their vehicles until a W.U.F.C Coach arrives before going onto the field
  •  It is of extreme importance that All W.U.F.C Players and Parents leave the field in the manner in which it was found. It is imperative that all Players and Parents pick up ALL liter (i.e. bottles, athletic tape, water bottles) before leaving all Facilities
  • Respect Facilities, avoid using excessive noise when entering, or leaving the facility and ensure that all goals or field equipment is moved backed to its original place before leaving practice or game days.                


Training Procedures

  • Recalling our motto of "The way you practice is the way you play," the following procedures are essential in creating a professional training environment where Players are expected to be Focused on personal and team development, which ensures and limits the possibility of injury due to horsing around.
  • Training Attire - Our "Legea Training Kit" was chosen in order to provide players with Professional Training Attire and distinguish our Teams from others. Make Sure to have All-Training Equipment in Bag due to weather.                                                                     
  • Arrive 10-minutes before Practice Sessions.
  • Make sure to bring Water and Gatorade to Practice Sessions.
  • All Bags must be placed in a Line, where designated by the Coach.
  • If Player begins practice session with specific attire, this attire must be worn and only removed when Players are on a Water Break and not during practice instruction.
  • All Players must end practice together as a Team with a cool down and Players cannot be dismissed without the consent of the Coach.          

Game Day Procedures

  •  Arrive 45 Minutes Prior to Game!
  •   Bring Both Jerseys to Games! Very important because jerseys are always susceptible to change depending on opponents colors.
  • Game Day Attire: Arrive wearing Training Suit to Field. Under this wear Short-Sleeved Practice Top, Game Shorts and Game Socks.
  • Bring Water and Gatorade.                                                                      
  • Line up bags in an orderly fashion to ensure Professionalism.
  • All warm ups will be conducted in Practice Top, Game Shorts, Game Socks and depending on weather Training Suit Top              


           1. Upon arriving onto the contest field all players must check-in with Coach and Teammates and before putting on Game Equipment such as cleats and shin-guards All Players should wait for the arrival of Teammates and take a walk around the field in order to inspect contest-field conditions. This is an important step that must not be over looked.

           2. Warm ups will be outlined by W.U.F.C. coach before spring season and warm ups should be used as a way of becoming physically and psychologically prepared for competition.

During Game: 

           1. All substitutes are expected to sit on bench and watch the game for         learning/instructional purposes and support for teammates.

           2. All substitutes must wear pennies and when entering contest, remove the penny and hand it to the player you are replacing before entering the field.

           3. When asked to warm-up, Players must follow the Warm-Up procedure outlined by coach.

 End of Game:

           1. Leave the facility in the same way that it was found!

           2. Leave Field As One Team!


Procedure for Parents/Coach/Manger Communication Parents

  •  Once the season's Practice/Game schedule is released it is important to review the schedule to ensure that there are no conflicts. If there is a situation where your child cannot make a Game or Tournament, Please Advise Coach Immediately.
  • If your child cannot make it to a practice session please email the Coach and Manager as early as possible.
  •   Please do not ask a coach to transport your child to a game or practice session. This is Club Policy. (Exceptions will be made in accordance with Family/Coach/President)

Manager/Assistant Coach

  • Please make sure that your team receives either bi-weekly or monthly schedules for practice sessions and games
  • Defer any parent issue directly to Coach or President.


  •  Make sure you are communicating to your team parents on a weekly basis and ensuring that they have their bi-weekly or monthly schedules.
  •   Make yourself available and approachable after training for any player meeting over issues that may arise.
  •   Players not selected to play in contests (Possible 22-Player Roster) must be advised on the last day of training that week before competition.
  • Work with Manager/Assistant Coach to conduct monthly parent meetings with parents through fall/winter/spring seasons.
  • Please provide player evaluations at the end of fall/winter/spring seasons. 


Sideline Behavior


Westchester United F.C. prides itself on its Professionalism and Sportsmanship and we believe that All Coaches, Parents and Players should maintain this standard wherever we go! Coaches should allow "Players to Play the Game," and on the few occasions where information needs to be relayed to players on the field during a competition our W.U.F.C Coaches will be To The Point and Concise. This approach will allow players to learn from their mistakes and grow as players and allow them to change the course of the game through their own will and character.


Parents: We understand that you have your child's best interest in mind and that of the team during games and competitions. We also understand that emotions play a significant role in changing both positively and negatively the way your team and child is playing. We ask that All Parents adhere to the following Policies:

No alcohol, smoking or Foul Language on the parent sidelines.

- Cheer for our team and not against our opponents

- Be leaders and show mutual respect and sportsmanship at all times.

NO COACHING from the parent sidelines - In Any Language!

Please do not comment on refereeing decisions during game.

Please refrain from coming over to Players/Coaches at the end of the game.


If Parent's Behavior is inappropriate during competition by (W.U.F.C. Coach, Manager, or team parents), please expect an email/call from Club President to discuss and correct behavior going forward. It is important to note that such behavior will affect your child and he will be removed from play. If Parent's Behavior continues this could result in a ban or even worse, expulsion from club.


Dealing with a Injury


Westchester United F.C. places your child's Health and Safety as our #1 Priority. Our players assume the risk of injury when they choose to participate, and unfortunately, minor and major injuries do occur during a season. This is why we make sure that all of our W.U.F.C Coaches are 1st Aid & CPR Certified and carry a 1st Aid Kit with them to all practice sessions and games.


The role of the Coach in an injury situation is to evaluate the injury, provide minor 1st Aid treatments if necessary, and inform the parent of such injury and to refer all injuries to a qualified medical examiner (parental discretion). It is the Policy of the Club that any player that has been ruled out due to physical injury can only return with a note from a physician before he can return to play.


If as a team parent, you are a qualified physician, please advice the coach, offering your services in cases of emergency during games and practice sessions.



Concussion Management


Westchester United F.C. is fully aware of the risk for concussions during competition. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, that is caused by a blow or jolt to the head and affects the way the brain functions normally. We have in place a Protocol for Concussion Management employed by local High Schools and Sporting Clubs:


Step 1: Removal from Participation for Evaluation

Step 2:
Inform Parents of Player and refer to a qualified medical examiner

Step 3:
Exclude from participation until a written note is provided by a physician usually takes 2 weeks

Step 4:
Continue to monitor player

















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